I write about theology, politics, and place and how the three are interrelated.

On Loving Newcastle

A review of one of my favorite books from 2021.
Mere Orthodoxy

Black Patriotism and National Conservatism

A reply to Glenn Loury's speech on black patriotism at the second National Conservatism conference.
Mere Orthodoxy

What I Saw at the Justice Summit

A short reflection on my time at the Justice Summit at Progressive Baptist in Chicago.

Being Car-Free with Kids

On the benefits of using mass transit with your kids.

Evangelization Then and Now

A reflection on the challenges of evangelization during the gray zone.
Mere Orthodoxy

The Local Club, Not a Super League

Club soccer is one of the few remaining ties many of us have to a close non-familial, non-coercive community. But as the game continues to get larger and wealthier, those bonds are under assault.
The American Conservative

Betraying Tyndale

Propagandists like Christopher Rufo do a grave disservice to those of us interested in truth, honesty, and persuasion rather than merely scoring cheap political points in the quest to obtain power.
Mere Orthodoxy

Ecclesial Realignment After the Culture Wars

The divides opening up in the American church point to deeper questions concerning justice and history that can no longer be ignored.
Mere Orthodoxy

The End of the Liberalism Debate

Ultimately the liberalism debates of the past several years had less to do with principle and wisdom as it relates to public life and far more to do with a naked lusting after power and relevance.
Mere Orthodoxy

The Culture War Comes Home

A new fairness ordinance being debated in Lincoln, NE imagines the world as a bleak, inhumane place.
Mere Orthodoxy

Black Patriotism and National Conservatism

A response to Glenn Loury's recent address at the National Conservatism conference
Mere Orthodoxy

Christians in the Gray Zone: The Strong Gods are Back

A transcript of Jake's lecture given at Rochester L'Abri in March of 2022.
Mere Orthodoxy

There is no Wealth but Life: Rootedness in an Orphaned World

Any social program that attempts to chart the way through late liberalism that doesn't foreground the goodness of life will fail in its aims.
Mere Orthodoxy

Chick-fil-A Chickens Out

Chick-fil-A's capitulation to progressive cultural pressure is further proof that excellence in the market is not enough to preserve Christian society.
First Things

Resisting a Throwaway Culture

What Does it Mean to Be Prolife in the Age of Trump?