I write about theology, politics, and place and how the three are interrelated.

Decadence, Joe Rogan, and Non-Anxious Authority

Why authority functions differently in our gray zone moment

Nine Months After Twitter

Reflections on being (mostly) off Twitter for nine months.

Stop Blaming COVID

COVID isn't the reason our conferences and other large events are struggling.

Where Did the College Aged Evangelicals Go?

A short video reflection on declining evangelical conference attendance

Political Religion

A review of Joel Looper's excellent new book on Bonhoeffer in America
First Things

Notes on the Orbanism Essay

More reasons you shouldn't be a right wing revolutionary

Orbanism and the Revolution

On why you shouldn't be a right wing revolutionary
Mere Orthodoxy


Shame is perhaps the driving factor behind a great deal of contemporary political discourse.
Mere Orthodoxy

The Three Ages of Christian American Exceptionalism

An interaction with Aaron Renn's "three worlds of evangelicalism" thesis.
Mere Orthodoxy

The Self is a Problem

This is the transcript of a paper I presented at a Davenant Institute event in Minnesota in 2022.
Mere Orthodoxy

Winsomeness, Evangelization, and Pastoral Theology

An intervention in the interminable "Kellerism" debate.
Mere Orthodoxy

Christians in the Gray Zone: The Strong Gods are Back

This is the transcript of a talk I gave at the Rochester L'Abri in 2022.
Mere Orthodoxy

The Violence We Can’t Live Without

One of the reasons that ending abortion is so unimaginable to us is because we have become acclimated to all sorts of horrifying forms of violence.
Mere Orthodoxy

The Land is Bright

My response to the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v Wade
Mere Orthodoxy

Voting and Virtue

What is the relationship between how we vote and how we behave within political society more generally?