I write about theology, politics, and place and how the three are interrelated.

On Actually Reading What People Actually Say

When you actually read what people have written about a topic, you'll often find that the reality is far more complex than Twitter memes and tribalism allow for.
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The PR Style in Christian Media

What should we learn from the Josh Butler "Beautiful Union" fiasco?
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Renewing Public Protestantism: Online Media

How can online media help in the work of renewing public Protestantism?
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Evangelistic Postures

On how missionally engaged evangelicals can adopt postures that limit their effectiveness
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Toward a Renewed Public Protestantism: The Beginnings of a Manifesto

What is needed right now is not that evangelicalism would be saved, but that a publicly engaged Protestantism would be revived.
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Once More Regarding the Uselessness of “Christian Nationalism”

More on the problems with how sociologists have defined "Christian nationalism."
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Education, Catechesis, and the State

Notes on the role the state can and cannot play in shaping the minds of her citizens.
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The Reality of Fear and the Presence of Reality

This is the text of my keynote lecture given at the 2023 Eighth Day Institute symposium in Wichita, KS.
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To Consume

The dominant cultural motif of consumption is an acid that harms virtually everything it touches.
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The Right Instructions

On why it is essential that we adopt a non-anxious, actually adult-like posture in a moment of deep uncertainty.
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Tolkien Was Right: Notes on the Respect for Marriage Act and the Post-Boomer Church

On why you shouldn't support the respect for marriage act (RFMA)
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Christianity Against the Civilizational States

Our emerging cultural order will present far sharper, more direct challenges to Christians seeking to live faithfully.
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Threnody for a Good Man

An obituary for a family friend
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When panic is our primary mode of public engagement, we simply guarantee our own failure and long-term irrelevance.
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On Mr. Berry and Professor Jennings

If you compare Wendell Berry's past writing on race with the work of Willie Jennings, the similarities are striking.